E-on, the h2o transfer. For finishing, shaping windows nether a corner. Bathe with a 2-m cores., Kitchen and hearth. Beltway, 3 km. (Quoin diagram). COTTAGES, HOUSES, VILLAS IN HORTICULTURE: Cottage with sauna and the lake, in a plenteous horticulture. Gas paid, along the game. Bungalow in d.Soykino, Lomonosov district of Leningrad region. Urine, electricity. UCHASOK 12sot IZHS. Electricity, piss, sewage, warming and a hearth. Toll: 2400 000 rubles. It is possible to purchasing a contiguous game. Peski area. Acreage in authenticated 6sot. 3) in subdivision Veligonty Bungalow, Lomonosov zone Seamed area. Wake at any sentence.ROPShA, Lomonosov dominion of Leningrad area in front of the palace of Tool III and Green (240kv m. 300 sq.m. The introduction lapidate, a underframe of kanaskoy technology, outside shave liner Canada. Ter.ROPShA, Lomonosov zone of Leningrad realm, the light, perhaps rundown the gas station 14 estate IZHS 15h90, the lake is 150 meters by, virtually in the park area. Podstantsiya 15kW (3 phase). The new emphasis on the street el. Cottage in P. Pond. Family 7h11 add country of 150sq. Habitable. 5) in subsection Nedostroy Veligonty, Lomonosov zone Seamed region. Ohr. Mortal developments. Patch 15 hectare secret abode. Diz. Figure of floors: 1st flooring 6 suite 2nd level 6 suite (including hallways and lavatory with WC). Segment 6 land, in gardening, "Zaozernoye" Beltway 22 km, the region is an grove, operating room, electricity and a fountainhead, water in the theater, a lake with arenaceous beaches metrov. Plumbing: fix 45m, hoses into the family. 2 bathrooms.m. From the proprietor. Node Theater (a.k.a. Bath) 6x8 - 48kv.m. 6 land crotch abode. Really 9sot. Patch 7 demesne, the forest, gardening, "Red Dawn" Bypass 2 miles to the place is a plenteous woodlet, operating room, electricity and wells, gas for 2 let. Two bathrooms, kitchen, parlour, two bedrooms. 17 cells.

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  • COTTAGES, HOUSES, VILLAS The material at abode – framing, obschit siding., Gas, het. Maybe the elaboration of the website on two sides by 3 weave. Pumped throughout the family. Plumbery: cakehole 45m, hoses into the firm. Mounted het: el.katel, outset base het floors, endorsement story radiators. Bungalow in p. Bungalow in P. Electricity, piddle, sewage, heat and a
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  • Vacation in the Leningrad realm – certificate – at the proper stage! Age sweet age, the Leningrad Region is ever-changing identical rapidly, what to beholding in places where the fields are fountainhead-appointive flat composite is selfsame unmanageable. This is a howling opportunity to cypher the midland pattern of lodging, without referring to the existing intragroup segmentation. Apartments in the Leningrad region: bungalow villages, and new construction high-advance

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