Healthy cottages outside the metropolis, according to our plans

Every real man in my life shall build a house, raise a son or daughter and be sure to plant around your house a lot of bushes. The problem is only that the building – this thing is far from simple. Of course, you can apply to the services of workers who carry out the usual design. For those who do not know – this is the usual pattern, which can be slightly modified, but can be maintained as is. Of course, we’re all human. So if possible I would like everyone to live in a beautiful cottage, which is different from other houses. The main thing that it was the soul that is combined with the external features of the house, what would you really liked. The website you read the list of our services for the construction and layout of buildings. There is a judgment that the tree has the ability to nurture their own human power. For this reason, wooden houses projects so needed today. In ancient times in Russia, a large mass of houses were made of real wood. Perhaps our ancestors had some knowledge, but in these days are built wooden cottages for another reason. Cities are filled with one million cars, factories. The general economic situation in the world is reduced to the size of each city in which such a task is expressed. Housing made of beams, built in the town, to protect everyone from the polluted environment. What is a razbrevnovka? This is a complete plan of the structure, which takes into account all the features of the tree, its properties. Experienced people make records of the walls, which are needed for construction of structures made of logs. I mean, you can order a draft of wooden houses with bath, and account only for an apartment or cottage. This service can help reduce the cost of field manufacturing material. That is an accurate count of the number of materials will help you gain a certain amount of wood, that was left unused wood. In addition, the house designs of the log suggests the absence of any situations not predict when its assembly and construction. As mentioned above, these projects are made with full consideration of all the characteristics of the tree. These features not only reduce the discomfort of staying in the house, but also contribute to the maintenance of human health. First, the wood has good insulating properties. I mean, in the winter cold temperature of the atmosphere in the cabin will always be the same, are preserved heat. In the summer time saves spine. Draft country houses of logs into account all the subtleties and the size of logs, and it provides no draft, among other things. However, this does not prove that your cottage is stifling. Every tree has the property of this ventilation by a fibrous structure. That is, during the day updated for more than thirty% air. The air is cleaned through the wood fibers and penetrates into the cottage, along with the sweet smells of feasting. It should be clear that if you want to use for the construction of round logs, the price of the project will be much less than building a house out of concrete. The walls of the house made of wood are not any requests a clearance, and this will significantly reduce the financial costs of construction..

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